In my experience, one of the most valuable skills for a successful student is the ability and confidence to effectively draw or sketch their concepts and ideas.

Teaching art and design takes me into many classrooms and college studios.


I now offer online, one-on-one coaching for students of all ages (and artistic backgrounds) to develop and practice valuable drawing and sketching skills in preparation for the creative challenges of their future post-secondary education.


I can demonstrate a variety of steps and techniques to improve your current drawing skills of both objects, views and of course people- the most challenging of all.


The resulting coaching could be as straightforward as helping with the pleasure of filling up a sketchbook while at the lake. 




'Malcolm is a very fine art teacher. His low key, yet attentive style motivates students to improve their drawing skills and enhance and expand their sketchbooks in a positive learning environment. Students prepare for the coming year without feeling the pressure normally associated with extra help.
As a result, the students retain the skill they have learned with malcolm allowing them to bloom in the classroom.'


Bob Davis, parent. 2015


We are a homeschooling family with three girls and it is important for us to give our children a well-rounded education, including academics, community service, and art.  One summer Malcolm offered to teach art to the girls once a week. They had a great time and learned some artistic skills along with an appreciation for art.
Malcolm was very creative, patient, and engaging with them all.  He started projects with them that they were able to complete at home and encouraged them to try new things and experiment.  We would recommend Malcolm as a teacher and mentor for aspiring artists.


Brian and Sheri Russell, parents. 2015