Here are a few testimonials

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 "A creative eye and a traditional approach make Malcolm among my first choices for any style of illustration."​

– Scott Richardson (Art Director)

"No matter how complex the job, Malcolm has creative and intelligent solutions. My clients and I have always been pleased with the consistent quality of his work."​

– Mary Opper (Book Designer)

"We would just like you to know that this book would not have been possible without your talents. We would like to thank you for your hard work on the art for this seemingly endless project. During the last 18 months, we have asked you to make countless revisions and send endless files our way. All of your hard work has made this book possible. We appreciate your patience, your talent and your time. We could not have done this book without you."

– Cheri Westra / Production Coordinator, Agnes Mlynarz / Production Assistant and Sonya Thursby / Art Director (Harcourt Canada)​


" Malcolm, you do great work. I notice that each map you do is unique and has it's own character. I leave it up to your artistic genius to come up with the proper look and feel, including type/fonts."

– Colin Welch (Kasba Lake Lodge)​